Why will be the preferred type of water cooled chiller?

2016-05-23 11:11:07 43

Air-cooled chiller and water cooled chiller chiller, and water-cooled chillers according to the compressor, structure or refrigeration temperature different, not as a call to it, such as water cooled screw chiller, water cooled type cold water machine, water-cooled cold water machine, each a cold water machine have their own unique characteristics.

Enterprise in the purchase of cold water machine, according to the actual demand to accounting the refrigeration capacity of the chiller, cold water machine type was selected, then according to the workshop or installation site environment needs to choose the chiller refrigeration can be. Unless it is a water shortage area, or the case of a very small cooling power of the air-cooled chiller, most companies are the use of water cooled chiller to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

Water cooled chillers as cold water machine of a, the biggest feature is the refrigeration effect is stable, affordable and installation environment requirements is not high, especially suitable for the temperature of cold water machine precision high degree of enterprise. The basic configuration of the water cooled chiller is the same as the other cold water machine, which consists of four main parts, the inside of which is provided with an inner circulating water pump. The circulating cooling water through the cooling tower will continue to provide, can with the fastest speed reaches enterprises need refrigeration temperature.

In addition, whether it is water cooled screw chiller, or water cooled type cold water machine, water cooling cold water machine, due to the cooling tower cooling circulating cooling water, so regardless of how the changes in the ambient temperature, the cooling effect of water-cooled chiller has always been in the steady state, to avoid because of environmental factors lead to refrigeration or cooling effect.