Vertical Batch Mixer

Vertical Batch Mixer RM

RM Series color mixer is mainly used for mixing plastics as raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials. The mixing can be finished quickly and completely. The ideal structure and design make it easy for operation, and also easy for clean and maintenance. It is widely used in the industry of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff, ceramic ware and so on. All parts in contact with material are made of stainless steel to minimize material contamination. Vertically mounted blending knife ensure even mixing of materials. Function of feeding plus mixing simultaneously can save time significantly. Mixing timer able to set within 0-90 minutes. Equipped with safety interlock protective device to ensure operator's safety and no damage to the machine. Vertical structure with castor wheels, small footprint and easy to move. Vertical reducer motor adopted ensures low noise and long operation hours. Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity.

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RM series vertical batch mixer is suitable for mixing of powder and granule material.The mixing can be finished quicky and completely.The ideal structure and design make it easy for operation,and also easy for clean and maintenance.It is mainly used for mixing and stirring of plastics material.Also it is widely used in the industry of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff,ceramic ware and so on.It is ideal for mixing.
The characteristics of the equipment:
(1)The internal surface of the equipment made of stainless steel to avoid pollute the raw material
(2)Interlock protection device to ensure the safety for the operator
(3)Finish even mixing in short time,low energy consumption, high efficiency
(4)Automatic stop device. The automatic stop in 0-999 minutes can be set.
(5)The discharging outlet fitted with hand-handled closing board,convenient for discharging
(6)Hight-adjustable support frame, universal feet wheel and brake,easy for adjusting and moving
(7)Attractive appearance,easy-dismount design,convenient for maintenance

Machine parameters:

Model Power(kw) Mixing capa.(kg/min) External size(WxH) Weight(kg)
RM-25 1.0 25/3 Dia.500*1000 50
RM-50 1.5 50/3 Dia.650*1100 80
RM-100 3.0 100/3 Dia.800*1300 120
RM-150 4.0 150/3 Dia.900*1400 180
RM-200 5.5 200/3 Dia.1000*1600 250

Machine parameters:

ModelPower(kw)Mixing capa.(kg/min)External size(WxH)Weight(kg)

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