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bigger Spiral Color Mixer RSM

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  Brief Introduction
RSM series of spiral color mixer are used to mix granulated solid plastic raw material and masterbatch. It is a large plastic material mixing equipment and has advantages of big capacity, low energy consumption and high working efficiency. It is an ideal axuliary equipment for plastic extruding and injecting processing production.
1) Screw blades are welded onto the main axis first. Then they are processed as a whole. Therefore, with high concentricity, the machine will run very smoothly and steadily.
2) Screw blades moving in spirals and cycles makes mixing more even and quickly.
3) The parts which may toucfh raw material are all made of stainless steel. Easy to clean and avoid becoming rusty.
4) Small horse power, large mixing capacity, high speed, mixing in an enclosed space, even mixing, no leakage.
5) Overload protection on motor and power supply interlock protection device so that it can double protect safety of motor and workers.
6) Grease injection device and material discharge device are installed at the bottom of machine frame. The bearings are very durable. 



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Note: The machine voltage is 3∮380V.50Hz. The voltage can be changed as you require.

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